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Developed for you by our Meditation teacher Belinda Johnson.

Belinda is delighted to be working with Mariana on her new wellness program. Belinda has qualifications in fitness, pilates and meditation, and has worked in the health and wellbeing industry for over 20 years. Many people misunderstand meditation as a beginner, due to a common misconception.  They assume that you have to stop or block all thoughts so that the mind goes blank. But that just isn’t possible.  If your mind went completely blank, you would not have any awareness of self or place. This epiphany came to Belinda after she completed meditation courses run by Matt Young, Director of the Melbourne Meditation Centre.

Belinda’s teaching style has largely been influenced by Matt. Belinda is excited to be joining you on your wellness journey.

Find a quiet space, and enjoy the journey… 

So let’s begin…💜