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Our Wellness for Mind & Body Membership is designed for you; to bring a sense of Mind & Body Health & Healing into your life 💜

Membership Inclusions

Access to over 100 classes; available on demand for your convenience
NEW classes added each week to add variety
✨ We offer a mixture of workouts including Pilates, Cardio, Circuits, Strength, Flexibility, Balance and more
✨ Give your Mind some LOVE with our Mindful Meditations and exclusive ”Unwind” body flow series.
✨ We also include nutrition tips and recipes to promote a healthier you from the inside
✨ We guide you through proper exercise technique to reduce the likelihood of injury and disease
✨ Receive your FREE fabric exercise band to assist with your workouts!
✨ No locked in contracts
Anyone is welcome! We cater to all levels – beginners, intermediate, advanced
✨ For your convenience, we offer express and longer workout options 
✨ You’ll have a supportive Facebook community
✨ 12 months access within the membership portal – AMAZING!
BONUS! FREE 12 month access when you sign up to our 6 month Coaching program!
All of our routines have been conducted by our qualified exercise physiologists, pilates instructors, meditation teachers and nutrition, health and wellness coaches, with over 20 years of experience
Feel invigorated, and ready for your next workout session 
Work out whilst the kiddies are sleeping, at school or whilst you need that well deserved break! 
Just hit that ‘play’ button and off you go!

We’ll see you on the mat!

Home Workouts

Increase energy

Get fitter, healthier and stronger

Feel more comfortable within your clothing

Improve sleep quality and mental health

Just feel better overall!

We have tailored your workouts so that you can incorporate them within your busy lifestyle! 

We have included a variety of convenient exercise modalities that you can perform in the comfort of your own home; with little to no equipment.

Learn to Meditate

Take the time to learn how to look after your Mind.

Meet Belinda

Belinda has qualifications in fitness, pilates and meditation, and has worked in the health and wellbeing industry for over 20 years.

Many people misunderstand meditation as a beginner, due to a common misconception.  They assume that you have to stop or block all thoughts so that the mind goes blank. But that just isn’t possible.  If your mind went completely blank, you would not have any awareness of self or place.
This epiphany came to Belinda after she completed meditation courses run by Matt Young, Director of the Melbourne Meditation Centre.  Belinda’s teaching style has largely been influenced by Matt.
Belinda is excited to be joining you on your wellness journey
Belinda has incorporated a variety of meditations into your program. Examples include sound, visual, affirmation, mantra, breath and body, and imagery meditation.

Feel free to get your salt lamp and diffuser ready, and let’s meditate 💜


Well done on taking this opportunity to invest in your health